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Youfa History

Development History of Youfa Group

In July, 2000, Jinghai Youfa Industry and Trade Company was founded.
In 2004, the company name was changed into Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd.
The chairman was Miao Zhenyuan, and the general manager was Li Maojin. The joint-stock system highly activated investors' enthusiasms, which benefit the whole corporation greatly afterwards.

Steel pipe, our major business
After the Youfa Group was founded, the leaders focused on the product quality and business faith. They took good use of the rich resources in Daqiuzhuang steel pipe manufacture base to expand the company. As short as two years, the company grew up from a small factory with monthly output of a thousand tons to one of the most influential companies in Chinese steel pipe industry.

In May, 2002, Youfa Group marched towards the steel pipe processing field, and founded the Tianjin Youcheng Galvanized Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. At the beginning, the new company only has two hired production lines; but nowadays, it has owned sixteen galvanized steel pipe production lines and five steel plastic composite pipe production lines. The Youfa brand thermal galvanized steel pipe was ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certified, and selected to be the exemption-free product by China Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Institution, as well as been exported to the EU, the US, South Korea, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

In July, 2002, Youfa Group merged the Jinghai Huayou Steel Pipe Company, and started the new Youfa Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd. The new company has thirteen welding pipe production lines that can produce the ERW pipes with the specification ranging from DN15 to DN200.

In February, 2004, the Youfa Group founded the Tianjin Youlian Spiral Pipe Co., Ltd. The new company has nine spiral steel pipe production lines that can produce the φ219mm to 2020mm, 5mm to 22mm thick spiral steel pipe, and the annual output reaches two hundred and fifty thousand tons. Its product was API certified in 2006.

In February, 2005, the Youfa Group purchased the Yinfeng Steel Pipe Factory under the Tangshan Guofeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., to found the Tangshan Youfa Steel Pipe Manufacture Co., Ltd. Now, the new company possesses eleven ERW pipe production lines.

In October, 2007, the Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group mainly produces the sleeve pipe, conveyance pipe, and pipeline for petroleum. By now, three production lines have been put into work, and four new welding pipe production lines are running. In 2009, the product of new company passed the examination of API.

In March, 2008, we founded the Tangshan Fengnan Xinlida Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., and the new company has had six welding pipe production lines already.

In August, 2009, we purchased the Tianjing Yingbo Steel Tube Co., Ltd. to establish the Tianjin Youfa Dezhong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Now, the new company already has six square steel tube production lines.

Business Expansion
In February, 2003, Youfa Group hired the Tangshang Fengrun Steel Sheet Factory to found the Tnangshan Fengrun Youfa Steel Sheet Co., Ltd. The new company caught the best chance to develop the business of steel sheet, and developed itself fast in very short time.

In 2008, the new company was merged into the Tianjin Youfa Gongying Steel Sheet Co., Ltd.

In June, 2005, Youfa Group founded the Tianjin Tianfeng steel Co., Ltd. After three years' development, the company now is capable of producing the ERW pipe strip and special alloy billet, becoming the first link of steel pipe production chain.

In April, 2006, Youfa Group founded the Tianjin Youfa Gongying Steel Sheet Co., Ltd., and invested a great deal of money to acquire four pack rolled sheet production lines which is mainly used to produce hot rolled steel sheets.

In November, 2007, cooperated with Tianjin Metallurgy Group, Youfa Group planed to put four ERW pipe production lines into work, and started a new factory.

In January, 2008, Youfa Group founded the Tianjin Youfa Pingan Industrial Co., Ltd. Relying on the Tianfeng Steel Co., Ltd. to supply the high quality billet and other means of production, the new company formed a casting and rolling strip steel production line. The steel pipe production chain of Youfa group finally completed.

In July, 2009, the Youfa Group founded the Tianjin Metallurgy Group ZhaSan Youfa Steel Company. Relying on the Tianfeng Steel Co., Ltd. to supply the high quality billet and other means of production, a new exquisite deformed steel bar production line is formed.

Diversified Development
In February, 2003, the Jinghai Welding Rod Factory was purchased, and the new Tianjin Youfa Welding Material Co., Ltd. started to run the business of welding rod and wire with six production lines.

In February, 2004, Tianjin Youfa Advertising Co., Ltd. was founded, and focus on popularize the brand, and enrich the corporation culture.

In November, 2004, the Tianjin Pengyoufa Trading Co., Ltd was founded, and the annual sale reached one billion CNY.

In May, 2008, Youfa Group took over the Tianjin Jinghai Daqiuzhuang Yaoshun Hospital, providing the 24h medical help, health consultation, and service for the staff of group.

In August, 2008, the Tianjin Tuanbo Yifanfengshun Hotel Co., Ltd was founded, covering the accommodation, catering, meeting service, and sailing entertainment.

In January, 2006, the collectivization reached a new peak. TheYoufa Gongying Investment Company was founded, and the chairman was Miao zhenyuan, and the president was Li maojin.

Group Management
The group takes control of the subordinate enterprises macroscopically. The general manager of each subordinate company takes all the responsibilities for the operation.

In 2006, the annual income of whole group exceeded ten billion CNY. The group ranks the 416th among the top 500 enterprises of China, and the 227th among the top 500 manufacturers of China, announced jointly by China Enterprise Association and Chinese Entrepreneur Association.

In 2007, Youfa group ranked the 389th among top 500 enterprises of China, and the 218th among top 500 manufactures of China.

In 2008, Youfa Group ranked 314th among top 500 enterprises of China, and the 170th among top 500 manufactures of China. That year, the trademark of YOUFA is identified as the Chinese well-known trademark.

The Youfa group kept on learning the advanced management method to make the management more detailed. In the future, the group will keep a foothold the steel pipe, and strive to enlarge the profit in many ways, chasing the innovation, high quality, detailed management, emotional service, brand internationalization, profit maximizing, etc.

Today, we are just like a big ship in the storm, struggling to reach farther.