Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe

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Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe

Mainly made of steel ingot, the hot rolled seamless steel pipe is achieved after giving the raw material processes such as piercing, hot rolling, and size reduction. Different from cold rolling which is performed below the recrystallization temperature, hot rolling is conducted above the temperature. Hot rolled pipes offer higher torsional rigidity than cold rolled ones, thus it offers better torsional resistance than cold rolled tubes.

We produce technology advanced hot rolled seamless steel pipes using continuous tube rolling mills. Our products offer various outstanding features and comparative advantages, manifested by the way we manufacture the hot rolled steel pipe. During the manufacturing process, the raw material's cast structure is destroyed, and the steel material's crystalline grain is refined, and the microscopic structure's defects are eliminated. This contributes to densified steel product microstructure, and improved mechanical property. Therefore, hot rolled seamless tubes are not an isotropic body anymore, and the air bubble, cracks, and porosity can be completely eliminated at the high temperature and pressure processing condition.

The hot rolled seamless steel pipe is regularly used to construct the piping system for low, medium and high pressure boilers.

Production Process
Round tube blank → heating → piercing → three roller skew rolling, continuous rolling, or extruding → semi-finished tube → sizing or size reduction → cooling → straightening → water pressure test or flaw detection → marking → warehousing

Technical Specifications
Size Range: 4 inch~24 inch (114.3~610mm)
Wall Thickness: 4.0~30.96mm
Standard: API5L, ASTM A106
Steel Grade: GR.A, GR.B, X42, X46, X52
End Finish: Plain end, bevel end, thread, coupling, plastic cap
Pipe Coating: Black vanish, bare, clear oil

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